Australian art, Jewish artist

Louder than words

As a person who lives in Australia, you would expect me to sing praises to its amazing nature and splendid views. And it’s really so. But I honestly don’t see the point in doing that. There is only one thing better than hearing a thousand words about Australia – seeing it once with your own eyes. I’m not talking about photos. They can’t make you feel Australia. It should be perceived with all five senses. Or with one supersense I call art. You know, I saw a lot of Australian artists, painters and sculptors, but only a few of them can be compared to Leonid Afremov. I came across that name while googling and I was absolutely stunned by his works.

That’s how I would describe them:

  • Very bright, vivid and full of light. The colors are so rich and there are reflections everywhere.
  • The strokes are rather unusual, because the artist paints with a palette knife. Chunky and dense, they cover the entire canvas like a patchwork.
  • But most importantly, paintings by Leonid Afremov have that special mood – romantic and cheerful. I can’t have enough of them!

And this is the painting it all started with:


Just look at it for a moment – and you’ll hear the gentle rustle of waves, feel the midday heat and the fresh touch of the ocean breeze on your face. The sky is endlessly blue and the water is so clean that you can see your own thoughts in its depth. I can clearly imagine myself steering one of those sails towards Wilson Island! That’s what I always try to teach my kids: paint from your heart, not just your eyes. I still can’t believe that among all Australian artists and their artwork this was the one to capture my attention. And the person who created it isn’t even from here! Leonid Afremov has a whole series of Australia-inspired seascapes in his collection. If you are interested, check out his online gallery – you’ll be thrilled by the great choice of paintings available for sale there. That’s right, you can buy any of his works online and it won’t cost you much. I can tell you for sure, cause I just bought one! This one. Now there is one more window to the ocean in my room. So if you are in love with Australia and modern art, you don’t necessarily have to look among Australian artists for a perfect painting to hang on your wall! Start with Leonid Afremov and his web gallery!

image (2)


The perks of waking and painting early

Are you an early bird or a night owl? As for me, I wake up at sunrise. But not just to do everything on time. My bedroom overlooks the ocean and every morning I see the sun rise over the Great Barrier Reef from my window. This is a show I can’t miss! So I set my clock to just before dawn, make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy. The world hushes and even the slightest movement stops except for soft light that grows and grows on the horizon until it fill the entire sky and water and everything around. It’s so powerful that it almost seems to produce a sound. If I were a musician, capturing the music of sunrise would be my life mission. Luckily, I’m an artist and all I need is a set of paints and inspiration. Late nighters, you don’t know what you’re missing! And by the way, it’s been scientifically proven that sleeping in is bad for your health! If you don’t believe me, read this Perhaps you’ll reconsider spending your next Saturday morning in bed and venture out early to greet the sun together with all the living beings?

Hi guys!

I’m Ithon McNeal, a 25 year old painting teacher from a very peculiar art school. What’s so special about it, you’d ask. Well, it happens to be in Australia! And half of my class comes from aboriginal families, so you can imagine how we look propping up our easels on the beach. I’m already used to tourist taking photos of us.  Many of my students are also familiar with traditional crafts like pottery, basketry and wood carvings. From time to time, we run exhibitions and fairs to make use of all the stuff they are bringing from home. I couldn’t wish for a better job!  And I’m already running late for it, so see you next time!